Northern Colorado Rentals: Connecting landlords and renters in the 21st century!

About Northern Colorado Rentals

Last updated: September 9, 2013, LLC is a Web-based rental property service that connects landlords with potential renters in Northern Colorado. offers real-time property listings, easy-to-monitor renter interest, full-color property listings, and 24-hour property listing capabilities…all without the hassle and high cost of running limited classified ads! focuses on the northern portion of Colorado. This select target area allows us to provide renters with hundreds of potential properties to choose from, and enables landlords to share specific, up-to-the-minute information with renters. We also conduct local marketing campaigns focused on steering potential renters to the site, and to help landlords build interest in a variety of rental properties.

Our goal is to offer a service that captures the growing segment of renters turning to the Internet for their housing needs, and match them with landlords who have qualified, available properties. Today's fast-paced consumer lifestyle requires 24-hour access to information and provides this by offering up-to-date property listings anytime day or night.

Take advantage of our Web-based service designed to instantly match landlords and renters! Use to list or find your next rental property in Northern Colorado.