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Customer Testimonials

Northern Colorado Rentals is our preferred advertising venue for our apartment rental service. They provide personal and generous customer support. It is such a relief to call for help and get a patient human being, usually Mike, who helps make using the website easy. He has also helped us think through what to say in the ad. Getting connected with good tenants is our goal. The website pricing is straightforward with NONE of the fuzzy - “watch these three videos to see if you can figure out what the cost is” followed by “now that we have your email we will flood it with extra mail" i.e. Zillow. And Northern Colorado Rentals is a local home grown business. We like to support our community!

Carolyn Bartlett and John Reynolds - January 12, 2021

Good site, good service.

Ryan Phelps - May 6, 2019

Thank you so much for considering my email and making the change. It really means a lot to our owners. You have a wonderful advertising resource for our apartments, and we are so excited to keep doing business with you.

Block One Apartments, Leah Dunn (Property Manager) - January 9, 2019

I love Northern Colorado Rentals - we've been using it for years, and I find it to be the best way of advertising our properties.

Wendy Ishii - August 4, 2018

Thank you so much for your quick response. You have a great site!

Charlene Peterson - June 12, 2018

Thank you, your website service connected us with a terrific tenant within two weeks! Your site refers better quality prospective tenants than any other rental website that we have tried.

Beth - May 22, 2018

You've been great. I will certainly use your site again given any opportunity, and will highly recommend it. It's easiest to use of any. I also appreciated working with a local listing resource. You were prompt in responding to my email questions.

Jim Snyder - January 17, 2018

I appreciate your prompt response to my questions. I get very qualified tenants from your website. Thanks.

Barbara Thompson - January 2, 2018

This is the "Go To" place for landlords to advertise their rentals! 99% of my tenants found my Executive Rental on NorthernColoradoRentals.

Judy Wood - October 17, 2017

Thank you so much for your assistance. I’ve been using NCR for six years and your fast help response is appreciated, not to mention how many tenants I’ve gotten from you. I love your website!

Judy Wood - July 5, 2017

Great site. Thanks for keeping it affordable.

Carl Cicero - June 30, 2017

Your site is easy to work and you are prompt with any questions/user issues.

Dwight Whitney - June 23, 2017

Mike, thanks for your quick reply and also thanks for your great service.

Andrea - April 17, 2017

You have a great service.

Dave Tuttle - April 2, 2017

I have been using your website for close to 2 decades Mike. It is all I use, anymore. Thank You for all of your service to all of us.

Avram Eskin - February 9, 2017

I have used Northern Colorado Rentals exclusively for 15 years for seven rental properties. It has always worked wonderfully and I am always so happy with how versatile and easy it is to use.

Beverly Nelson - August 11, 2016

Thanks a million Mike. By the way, I LOVE this service! It is fantastic and I use it regularly to rent homes I own in Northern Colorado. Bravo on a fabulous site!

Andrea - August 10, 2016

You have a good service and we appreciate your cooperation when we had a mix up.

Merilyn Abel - August 8, 2016

Mike was very helpful and it's easy to relist a property.

JoAnne Bollinger / Kelly Johnson - July 28, 2016

I love your website and service.

Franci Wunderlich - July 1, 2016

I have been so happy with responses from your site for my Wellington, CO property. I was extraordinarily impressed with the ease that I could renew my listing (even the day after the listing expired). I think that your site is very easy to navigate and use. We have four additional rentals in Fort Collins, and will not hesitate to contact you again to list. Thank you.

Dan Peel - January 26, 2016

This is still the best way to rent a unit in Northern Colorado.

Janice Beyer - November 2, 2015

You are awesome. I will always list my Northern Colorado rentals with your site. This is my second rental property I listed with the site. The ads bring many inquiries from serious, often qualified, potential tenants right to my inbox. An amazing marketing tool for the cost!

Patricia Roadcap - November 2, 2015

Very easy for my non-techy background.

Kathy Hixon - August 14, 2015

I got about 15 emails and at least 10 phone calls on this in the 9 hours I had it listed. The first person to look at it filled out the application and lease on the spot and had a deposit.

Ronald Slosson - April 29, 2015

Thanks for a great resource for private landlords who self-manage their properties!

Karen Lemmon - April 8, 2015

My first time as a "landlord" - you guys make it easy!

First Time Landlord - February 18, 2015

Thank you for your service and it is affordable too.

Rosine Lahti - January 26, 2015

Very reasonable price---thank you for making it cost effective.

Ginger Wilson - December 12, 2014

Use you guys once every year. Very effective. Had 3 inquiries within 4 hours of posting. More later in the day.

Jerry Eckert - October 15, 2014

Thanks, you have a great service!

Dave Tuttle - August 14, 2014

Your website is 10 times easier to use than Their site definitely needs a human factors consultant. I am a long time client of

Virgil L Laing - August 14, 2014

Your site is great and a good value.

Carl Cicero - August 5, 2014

I like your site because I seem to get better qualified potential renters when I use it.

Virginia Richter - July 28, 2014

Thank you for your prompt response. Your website is easy to use and very informative. It's also the website that most area property managers referred to us.

Don - June 18, 2014

I have used you exclusively for almost as long as you have existed. Thank you!

Beverly Nelson - May 19, 2014

I love using your site because I can store all my rentals and their information for whenever I need it and I always have success renting my properties.

Carmen Brannan - May 12, 2014

I reach and obtain better quality tenants through than through other advertising media.

Drake Johnson - May 5, 2014

This has long been the only paid advertising I bother with for rental properties. You're still the best advertising site I know of for the Fort Collins area. Thanks!

Anna Barton - April 17, 2014

Your service is keeping me busy with calls and viewings. Thanks for your service.

G.F. - April 11, 2014

I have purchased four homes in the last month and have rented all of them within two weeks of putting them on your site! Fabulous!!!!

Ken Munsch - April 9, 2014

Most of our inquiries on all our properties come from Northern Colorado Rentals!

Poudre Property Services - March 18, 2014

Thank you so much for your great service!

Marta Bettelli - March 6, 2014

We've used NCR's website several times and found it to be a very effective advertisement for our properties.

Steven Viert - February 21, 2014

We love the new website! Looks awesome, new features are great, and very user friendly!! Thanks again for your help!

Kathy Ross - February 20, 2014

Thank you. The listing was a success. I was able to attract local and out of state.

Jackie Gowing - February 18, 2014

You have an excellent website.

Daniel Herman - January 22, 2014

Was very pleased with the results.

Todd Wilson - January 17, 2014

Thank you for your help today! Thank you for your patience and going the extra mile to help me fix my problem!

Amber Kelley - November 12, 2013

Thank you so much once again for helping me with finding a great renter. Thanks for also just helping me with the account. I love this site!

Rita Bee - September 30, 2013

Thank you so much for your time and concern.

Erin Campbell - August 23, 2013

Wow! Thank you for the quick response.

Mike Sibbald - August 22, 2013

I've had tremendous success using your site during my past few moves within Fort Collins. I'm now relocating to Denver and I'm having the hardest time finding a company as efficient as yours. Do you have any recommendations for sites or companies in Denver that you know of that are as great as

Marie - July 10, 2013

Thanks for the great site and service you provide.

Luiz Teixeira - May 17, 2013

Thank you for this terrific resource. We rented our home very quickly thanks to the help of your website.

Rex Smithgall - May 9, 2013

I appreciated your time in answering questions regarding updating an old listing. And thanks so much for reviewing the listing and offering your comments. I valued your input. Thanks again.

Carolyn - April 5, 2013

Thanks for having such an awesome site, it has been very helpful through the years to myself and other people that I know.

Sarah Harmon - February 22, 2013

Great website. Good value. Very effective.

Ronald Slosson - February 18, 2013

Great service and I appreciate the opportunity to use your service.

John Croissant - January 29, 2013

Once again you found me a great renter easy, efficient, painless and your view rates helps me adjust my ad. Most importantly, I get none of the scam responses I get using Craigs list.

Rich Feller - January 19, 2013

By the way, is a great service. Thanks so much for offering and maintaining such a valuable site for the rental community.

Steve Spanjer - January 7, 2013

This is the first time I have used for listing a property to rent. I am happy to report we got it rented yesterday and believe we have good renters who found the listing on this site. Thank you.

Michelle Carroll - November 5, 2012

We liked the quality of folks who called us as a result of this ad (on much better than the ones we heard from during the time we had our listing on Craigslist.

Becky - September 11, 2012

The site is FANTASTIC! I put together a listing, uploaded my pictures and presto! Mike gave me feedback on changing the title for better visibility and marketability and we started getting calls as soon as I made the changes! Great individual customer assistance. Far exceeded my high expectations. I would recommend to anyone on both sides of the rental market.

Mike McGarry - September 1, 2012

You still rock! I had over 30 calls and I rented it to a nice couple. Recommended you guys again the other day. I have used CraigsList a couple of times just to sell something, but I would never use it for a landlord tool. I feel so much safer using your professional site. Thanks again!

John Floyd - August 16, 2012

Love your website.

Vicki L. Schumm - August 2, 2012

Thanks for your help. Have always had good results with your company in the past but this time was SUPER! Rented with no down time between tenants.

Gerda Foged - July 27, 2012

Your site is essential for me as a landlord, for it's ease of use, security and customer service. I have referred you to several other landlords also. Keep up the good work!

John Floyd - July 16, 2012

I do appreciate and the service it provides. Thanks for all you do!

Nancy Plemmons - July 13, 2012

Just want to thank you so much for including the High Park fire evacuees in a 'drop down'. I'm directing folks there and I sure hope they work out. Thanks for helping in your community.

Phyllis Dunn -- Red Cross - July 10, 2012

Your website has been very helpful in finding new tenants, quickly.

Janice Beyer - July 5, 2012

We appreciate your fast response and also appreciate Northern Colorado Rentals great and invaluable service you provide to us landlords. Thanks again.

Walter Broedner - June 26, 2012

I am a rookie, and this was easy for me. If it had not been easy [for me to list my property] I would have passed. Thank you for the great site, sure worked well. Thanks.

Anita Briggs - June 21, 2012

We were very pleased with the results of using your site and we appreciated the quick and personal help you provided with this listing. We will certainly use your services again. Thanks.

Nancy Jacobs - June 8, 2012

I love your site and have used it many times.

Ayisha W. - May 24, 2012

We are loving your site and have listed 3 homes on it now.

Cristine Arnold - April 4, 2012

You have SPOILED me for all other rental markets!! Your site makes 'home shopping' so easy for rentals AND we used you when we lived there for our rental property. Can't you please make this type of site available all over the country?? IT IS AWESOME!!! Thank you for making this site in Colorado!

Samantha Pielstick - March 17, 2012

Your website is really well put together, and is becoming my 'go to' place for rental property. Well done!

Andrew Smith - February 6, 2012

You've got a great web site. I had two listings this week, one rented in two days, the other in three.

Rex Lappin - January 8, 2012

I have friends in Fort Collins who use you repeatedly and they speak very highly of you.

Jo Ferranto - December 30, 2011

Thanks for your help. I have been successful using and your site has been useful to my rental business.

Murphy Pickard - December 15, 2011

I am impressed with your website, this is an excellent idea.

Kelly Hornstein - December 11, 2011

I've had great success with your services, and thanks for your quick response.

Tricia Anderson - December 1, 2011

Thanks! Rented the townhome within 2 hours of posting with!

Mari Wildt - October 24, 2011

Thanks so much. Got both of my properties rented the day after I put it on! Then I got over 30 calls on each during the next week.

Jan Bertholf - October 24, 2011

Your website,, is so helpful -- weve used classifieds for 25 years, and our rentals now go quicker at 1/20 the price!

Rich Feller - October 18, 2011

Excellent Results ... THANKS!!!! My investment in advertising with was an excellent decision. I received very trackable results. I got an EXCELLENT tenant in 2 weeks. I got so many calls!

Tara Tooley - September 25, 2011

I've been listing with your site for many years. You're great!

Kristy Lahnert - September 19, 2011

When I was ready to lease my property, I interviewed several property management companies, none of which offered exactly what I was looking for. So, I set out to lease it myself. However, never having had any experience in doing this, I contacted Mike at Northern Colorado Rentals for suggestions. Mike was so patient, sent me to useful websites to check, made suggestions to improve my posting, and walked me through the process, step by step. My property was under contract in less than a week. Thank you, Mike. I could not have done it without you.

Ann R. - September 6, 2011

I rented my property thanks to your wonderful website. Thanks so much.

Kristin Beasley - September 2, 2011

Thank you for! The site works really well.

Matt Middel - August 30, 2011

I have been advertising with you for 3 years now and it is a wonderful service that you provide.

Linda Iverson - August 30, 2011

Thanks so much for all your support and quick response. You have been so helpful and responsive. We have already had two calls/emails. This is great! Much appreciated.

Wendy Grega - August 19, 2011

Although Craigslist has its place ... you do get what you pay for. I highly encourage you to invest the money into a listing on Our home was rented after only 4 days, and in the time it was listed had 168 views! Thank you for the great listing!

Scott Eastman - June 8, 2011

I got good results from I've had so many inquiries on my property since I listed with you. I didn't know there was an alternative to Craigslist! Wishing you continued success.

Catherine Bentley - May 31, 2011

You have a great website! As a landlord I couldn't stand the other national sites that randomly give renters properties from multiple cities when they search for homes in only one. Keep up the good work.

Liam Weston - May 20, 2011

Thanks for your quick response and tips. Your website has some great tools! I got a call within an hour of posting (before the photos were up) and they wanted to see the house!

Gary Thompson - May 19, 2011

Thanks so much for your help! I love your site!

Alex Knecht - May 9, 2011

Great website. Faster, easier, cheaper, and more flexible than advertising in the newspaper.

Ronald Slosson - January 27, 2011

On Thursday, December 9, 2010 at 1:00 P.M., I put my rental property on Northern Colorado Rentals website. By 5:00 P.M., I had FIVE PEOPLE who contacted me with interest in wanting to rent my house - two of the people were from out of state, one lived in Oregon, the other in Alabama. I showed my house to the first person who contacted me at 6:00 P.M. that same day, with them wanting to sign a two year lease and also wanting to give me a security deposit right then and there! I was not sure if Northern Colorado Rentals was the right place to post my rental, but I was definitely PROVEN WRONG!!! I will definitely use Northern Colorado Rentals in the future and without hesitation will strongly recommend them to anyone who is trying to find a rental or wanting to get a property rented. NORTHERN COLORADO RENTALS IS AWESOME!!!

Carol Goodwine - December 16, 2010

Thank you again for your phone call to follow through. THAT is why I regularly utilize - your consistently great customer service.

Marylea Dornseif - November 1, 2010

We love your service and are loyal customers. Thank you!

Home Solutions, Inc. - September 22, 2010

Once again, thank you to for providing an awesome website for us to use. The first call on my most current ad came very quickly and we rented the unit to the first caller. Most of our rentals have come via your website and we feel that it is the best bargain out there for the money we have to pay. Thanks again!

Ben and Pam James - July 30, 2010

This website has been great. I rented all of my units right away. Thanks!

Sherry McCoy - July 27, 2010

This must be my 4th year or so using your service - I only list with you and will not bother with craigslist ads. My experience is that craigslist is a zoo and requires too much filtering of calls and tire kicking.

Manager, Choice City Homes LLC - July 15, 2010

Your site rocks for clients. I have already gotten a few replies and I just put it on line. Thank you for your help.

Suzanne Trownsell - July 12, 2010

Keep up the good work! I always get responses on my listings, and usually have to cancel my ad with you before it expires...that's a good thing :)

Jim & Beth Murray - July 5, 2010

Thanks for getting back to me so fast.

Vicki Krug - June 24, 2010

Thank you for your prompt email. My husband and I advertised our rental condo just Monday and tonight we have three showings. We are obviously pleased with the response! Great site to use, in the past years we have spent hundreds of dollars in newspaper advertising without this level of response! Thanks again!

Debra Cavender - May 11, 2010

I only published the listing yesterday, and got my first contact today!

Murphy Pickard - February 11, 2010

Thank you for a very reasonably priced, high traffic alternative to traditional rental listing methods. The increase in contacts from exposure on was invaluable and contributed positive light and attitude in the rental process. Thank you very much.

Grant Geisendorfer - January 31, 2010

Thank you for your prompt, courteous, and insightful contact response.

Grant G. - January 4, 2010

I don't tell you often enough how much I appreciate this site for rentals. I always get the best tenants from!

Mary Miller - January 2, 2010

I put mine on last month. Rented on the first phone call. Got 8 more calls after that. Your initiative with is wonderful!

Jan Bertholf - December 18, 2009

Thanks again for providing a valuable rental website for our area.

Laurel Boss - December 13, 2009

This is a great site and a great place to advertise my rental. Thank you for getting my home rented.

Matt Middel - November 19, 2009

You guys provide a GREAT service. I looked for a similar one in Denver but I found nothing similar. You have me spoiled. Thanks.

Kristy Lahnert - November 13, 2009

Your site is the best value, plus I prefer the caliber of renters who search on-line. Your site is great. Thanks.

Virginia Hitch - November 5, 2009

I have been overwhelmed with interested response simply by putting it on It's the only advertising medium I ever use for my rental properties and they're never vacant.

Rita Gordon - October 18, 2009

Thanks for the site - I use it constantly.

Melissa Doll - September 16, 2009

I'm a landlord that listed my townhouse for rent in Ft. Collins. Through your site, I got the place rented in less than a week. You have a great web site and it works! Nicely done and I appreciate having a place that is easy to use and everyone reads.

Sally Corey - August 7, 2009

Folks, I have been a landlord for 19 years and I want you to know that your service is BY FAR the BEST I have ever used! Your system is easy to use, well organized, inexpensive, and best of all I receive lots and lots of very well qualified rental applications. This results in reliable, and responsible renters; absolutely invaluable! Kudos! Thank you!

Josh Blackstone - July 20, 2009

Once again I have successfully rented my rental property using your website. Many thanks.

Kristina Lahnert - June 22, 2009

You guys are great! Very helpful!

Joan Welsh - June 13, 2009


Clyde Carlisle - March 22, 2009

I put 5 ads for rental houses near campus two weeks ago and I am very pleased to tell you that I have rented all 5 plus 1! Your website was easily found by CSU students and I got an overwhelming response to my ads via email and phone. Thank you very much!

Marilou Smith - March 14, 2009

Awesome...this is the ONLY way I would ever list a rental. I tried the local newspaper once and after hundreds of dollars spent had not one phone call. Thanks a million!!! I listed my property and in less than 12 hours have already had numerous inquiries, and, one that looks very promising. They are already asking about signing the lease. Again, I am grateful to have such an easy and cost-effective means of advertising, not to mention quick customer service.

Tara Leinart - February 9, 2009

We got it rented and had several inquiries from your service.

Dru Roosevelt - February 5, 2009

Our company has been using for many years and have found the service to be not only affordable but extremely effective in finding qualified tenants. We are impressed with the web sites ease of use and functionality along with the customer support we receive. We would recommend using to perspective tenants looking for a place to live and to current landlords looking to get their units occupied.

All Property Services, Inc. - January 16, 2009

We rely heavily on the internet for exposing our companys excellent rental homes to the world and there is no better place to advertise and spend our money than with and The individuals that operate and maintain these sights are top notch and do everything in their power to assist us in being at the top of our game. Our business gets the biggest bang for our buck with and

Middel Realty - January 15, 2009

Your website is a very effective and economical medium for finding new tenants. Plus your concern for your customer's welfare is outstanding. Thank you.

Gerald Lowe - December 29, 2008

Terrific customer service! Thanks again.

Jerry Lowe - December 3, 2008


Carol Hoelscher - November 13, 2008

It took a couple of months to rent my property this time, but I got the most responses from your site, so I will be using you next time! Thanks!

Aimee Depue - October 1, 2008

Thank you so much, I think your site is awesome. I am a local Realtor and I do send you all of my clients who have rentals and we have all been extremely HAPPY! Thank you!!!!!!!

Stephanie Lane - August 28, 2008

Thank you for the reminder and YES- I did rent the unit because I advertised with you. I will let others know that your web-site really worked.

Deb Spotts - August 11, 2008

Thanks again guys. Listed with you a week ago, had tons of lookers, leased it this morning. You're the best!

Rex Lappin - June 8, 2008

Your service has been great and I have and will recommend your service. Thanks.

Rick Chambers - June 5, 2008

Very good website.

Lixin Lu - June 5, 2008

Thank you, we have successfully advertised on your web site since you began it. What a nice inexpensive option from the newspaper. Customer service is great. Thank you. We will continue using & referring your service to others.

Lynn Svitak - June 5, 2008

Thanks to you, we rented our house. We must have had about 25 responses. Will see you next time it is available. Thanks again for your service.

Pat Potter - May 7, 2008

Once again Northerncoloradorentals gets the job done. This truly is "THE PLACE" to get your rental leased.

Kevin Westhuis - April 13, 2008

[I am] very pleased with the site, as always. Your site is by far the best advertising value for the buck. I only have one rental property, but I definitely will continue to use the service when I need it. Thanks for providing it.

Ben James - April 4, 2008

What a wonderful tool and to know you are advertising to the world!

Jody Benzel - April 3, 2008

Your site was great and I highly recommend it!

Claudia Cain - April 2, 2008

Very impressed with the results from this site. I rented the property from this site and had well over 100 inquires. I also put an ad in the paper for 7 times the cost for less time and it only generated 10 calls. Thanks!

Jay Holliday - March 4, 2008

I appreciate your help. I had a call the first morning after I placed the ad.

Kathi Buckner - March 2, 2008

Just wanted to let you know, your rental site worked really well for us this time. It appears to be catching on great. I listed it just over a week ago and have already leased the property, and had at least 10 inquires. Thanks!

Bruce Hottman - February 13, 2008

You guys are great. We got the apartment rented. Thank you. I recommend you to everyone.

John Floyd - January 31, 2008

Thanks so much! We love your website. We have already referred you to our brother-in-law and he listed on [your website].

Joshua & Alisha Peterson - January 22, 2008

Thanks again for the service that you offer. Finding a renter for my place was made easy, thanks to you. I got lots of contacts, and it was rented in the first week of being advertised.

Diana Liskey - December 31, 2007

I first want to say how pleased I was putting my listing on I had a very fast response time and found someone to rent my condo to in a week. Thanks for all your help. I am referring everyone I talk to about renting to this site. Very impressed.

Josh Cavan - December 26, 2007

Thanks for your quick reply. I've been so impressed with your company so far. Your web site was easy and prompt.

Bill and Diana - December 20, 2007

Thank you so much, I will definitely use you again in the future and I will recommend you to my fellow landlords.

Margaret Stiles - October 16, 2007

Thank you once again! Last time I listed my rental, I had a renter in one week. This time took a little longer (12 days) but only because I had so many interested people. You are the greatest! Thanks.

Eleanor Ivanoff - September 17, 2007

I used your wonderful service last December and rented my house right away. Thank you so much for your wonderful service!

Georgette Wallace - August 25, 2007

Leased [one bedroom] unit in one day and had 10+ inquiries.

Michael Ehler - August 10, 2007

Glad you're doing well. Your site is much more usable than any others.

Gregson Siu - August 1, 2007

We not only get quality renters but the response has been great. We reactivated our listing and added photos this time which was easy to do. We had our home rented in less than one week! The renters are constantly looking at the site for new it is used a lot by them as well. Thanks for this great advertising tool, it's a bargain at $24.95 with excellent results.

Valerie Schlageter - July 25, 2007

Just wanted to say thanks again! I rented our house in less than 24 hours. We could have rented it 10 times over. Our previous tenants from your website were stellar! We're hoping our new tenants are the same! I just passed on your website to a friend who owns multiple rentals & they'll use you on their next vacancy. Thanks for adding the picture opportunities too. GREAT JOB!

Diane Erickson - July 12, 2007

Thanks to your web site, we have rented the condo.

Doug Martine - June 6, 2007

My listing went exceptionally fast this time. I received 2 phone calls(one from England) in the first hour. The 4th caller came to see it first and took it immediately. The second person just arrived at the door while the first person was there and said they wanted it also. So, great experience this year. Thank you!

Marguerite Parliment - June 4, 2007

This website kicks every other source's butt. Like the new feature of multiple pictures, too. I don't even put a sign in front of the house anymore. Thanks!

Joe - May 16, 2007

I am getting tons of inquiries, as far away as Milwaukee! And should have a lease signed by Wednesday. The kind of inquiries I am getting, the number of them, and considering the cost, makes you the best advertising buy for rentals.

Rex Lappin - May 5, 2007

Both houses were leased within a week of posting on - Thanks.

Rich Cinkel - April 23, 2007

Being able to load 12 photos was a big help compared to when we've listed on this site previously. We had a few people offer to put down a deposit without even physically viewing the property. This was especially helpful as we currently live in Oregon, so it is very difficult for us to arrange showings.

Randy Bogan - April 18, 2007

We have received numerous email inquiries...we have had great success renting with your website - please count us among your delighted customers!

Steve and Ann Henning - February 23, 2007

I wish I had known about this site sooner! We advertised in numerous prints and got very little response! With this site we had MANY responses and actually rented our property to someone who saw it on this site! I tell EVERYONE how awesome this is! Thanks!!

Amy Stephens - February 7, 2007

Thank you very much. I'm glad to see that your service is as outstanding as your product.

Terry Vierhout - January 29, 2007

This has been such a great experience! This site has really pulled in the clients. I just think you are doing a great job!

Suzanne Trownsell - January 11, 2007

Your site was very helpful & we'll use it again the next time we need to rent.

Jan Lichtenberger - December 18, 2006

I want to thank you for your wonderful site! I rented my house within two days...

Georgette Wallace - December 15, 2006

Ive had amazing success advertising on On average Im able to rent a vacant property in approximately 2 weeks. I have a property I was managing and the tenant at the last minute decided to not move into the apartment. I advertised on and found another tenant to move into the property in 5 days. Compared to the other methods of advertising that Ive used, Ive had the best success and experience by far advertising on this website, I recommend it to my peers and everyone I know that has properties that they need to rent. I cant say enough good things about the website.

Anna Boyer - Colorado Association Services - December 6, 2006

Thank you, thank you, thank you! My ad was listed for less than a week; the first couple who looked at it rented it. I will most certainly recommend your Website!

Eleanor Ivanoff - November 28, 2006

For the latest RENTAL PROPERTY information (e.g. news, tips & tricks, and much more!) click on:<a href=""><br /> Latest RENTAL PROPERTY Info</a> - November 26, 2006

We actually received several calls on the property and have found the right candidate for the home. The website listing worked great on getting the property out there for potential renters that are moving into the area. All of our calls were from out of state, from Arizona to Tennessee. So it did reach out to areas we couldn't have done on our own. Thank you!

Paula Becking - November 24, 2006

I have had many quality leads for my condo that I was able to rent on the 2nd day isn't the website wonderful!

Deanna McCrery - November 10, 2006

Your site is truly a blessing. Your service is outstanding.

Tammie Drake - November 2, 2006

Thank you for being on top of this, it goes to show what a class act your business is!!

Rhonda Wolff - November 1, 2006

New tenant as of 10/20/06. I will continue to recommend this website as a tool for both landlords and tenants alike.

Kurt Faulkner - October 23, 2006

I got a renter on the first day!

Carl Glaser - September 14, 2006

A family in Montana saw my listing with you and the virtual tour and fell in love with my house before they drove down here. They called me, looked, and rented. Thank you so much!!

Joan Welsh - August 28, 2006

I rented both units within 7 days and had several more possibilities. What a great service. Keep up the good work.

Rick Koentopp - August 27, 2006

You are always so efficient and I want to thank you for always getting my photos correct. In this world of "not good service", you stand out as exceptional.

Mary Miller - August 19, 2006

This website was easy to use, affordable, and extremely effective. We have successfully rented all four of our units for full year leases with help from! Thank you and we will use you again!

Cheryl Schaaf - July 21, 2006

Great tool for renting properties. Higher qualified people inquire from the website. Thanks a million!

Carol Stertz - July 4, 2006

As always, thank you so very much. This web site is so efficient, so easy to use, so effective, I owe you all my very sincere appreciation. I applaud you all for coming up with a service that aids all people involved in renting any property. It is affordable and extremely effective. I cannot imagine running my business, Youle Realty, without the aid of this site. Thank you so much!

Ty Youle - Youle Realty, LLC - June 18, 2006

Just wanted to let you know that your site is, absolutely, the most cost effective way of getting the word out to prospective tenants. For less than $1.00/day I can deliver lots of information as well as a photo. I've placed about a dozen ads on this site and all have resulted in successful lease contracts. Thanks for your current efforts as well as your outstanding philosophy of customer service.

Rick Gumina - June 16, 2006

I actually had one apartment that I was able to advertise, then a second one became vacant. I was able to fill both vacancies within the two week time period with the 1 ad!! [ is] lots easier and so much less expensive than newspaper ads!

Miki Roth - June 9, 2006

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your service. Next time I probably won't bother with advertising in the paper. All of my serious inquiries were off of your site. It's a much more efficient system for both the renter and the landlord. Thanks!

Pat Young - June 3, 2006

Thanks. I got a half dozen calls over the past few days and have the condo rented. I am very pleased with the response from the ad.

Bruce Pfabe - May 22, 2006

I appreciate your constructive advice, and the help with my photos. I received a lot of feedback from the advertisement, and am sure I will use your services again when our unit becomes available. Thanks so much!

Cindy McGrorey - May 15, 2006

Well, once again your website has proven itself to be the place to find renters here in Fort Collins. This is the third time in a row I have found my renter through your website, and this time was the fastest - less than a week! In fact, I had three applications in five days! Couldn't believe it! After the great results I have had with you guys, not only will you continue to be my number one source to use for advertising, you will be my only source other than my "For Rent" signs from now on! Thanks again.

Paul Forehand - May 14, 2006

...One of my properties was rented through your website before the renovations were even completed. I really like that I can change the ad and the price at any time and they are posted immediately. Keep up the good work.

Marguerite Parliment - May 13, 2006

Thank you, thank you, thank you! My property was rented to the first person that I showed it to who found out about it from your site!

Suzanne Dowd - May 10, 2006

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful website. My husband and I listed our condo on here and it was rented in less than 24 hours!!! Now that's a result you can't argue with. Keep up the good work.

Karyn Smith - April 27, 2006

This website makes renting my properties a breeze! It brings me a large pool of potential renters which results in quick leases. Thank you!

Aidah Poehlmann - April 27, 2006

Thank you for your help and thank you for the website, it works and it's reasonably priced.

Cindy Castaneda - April 19, 2006

My property ... was rented. Thank you. I have found that advertising on your web page is FAR more effective than any other posting in any other media!

Neal Ogburn - April 3, 2006

My property rented quite rapidly, thanks for the excellent service. I know I will be using you folks again in August when another vacancy occurs.

Maureen Van Camp - March 17, 2006

Thanks so much for your timely support and response to my email. Out of all of the online rental websites I have used, yours is the best because of the reasonable cost, the immediate customer support responsiveness, and how well you advertise your customers' ads. Thanks again for your help and for providing a service with quality.

Lindsey Mayer - March 6, 2006

What a great website! A friend has suggested using it as opposed to the expensive newspaper. I had immediate response and rented it to quality tenants within a few days. Thanks for your help with the pictures too! Pictures are worth a thousand words and having the interior pictures on the ad made all the difference!

Diane Erickson - March 1, 2006

I love this website! It is user friendly and quite effective. My best quality tenants come from the site. Many thanks!

Carol Stertz - February 26, 2006

I just put 2 properties ... on [your] web site. I was very impressed with the logical layout, ease of use, and feature set. Really class act! One of the best e-commerce implementations I have ever seen. Congratulations on a super job.

Don Stavely - February 25, 2006

Thank you so much, this website offers so much ease and always responds quickly with help, in 30 years of real estate business I have never experienced such quick and professional help from the personnel of a website.

Ty Youle - Youle Realty, LLC - February 22, 2006

Thanks. [I] have a signed lease today.

Rex Lappin - December 26, 2005

Thanks for your help in listing our property. We have been able to rent it..."

Ruth and Terry Hruska - December 12, 2005

I'm so thrilled with this website! Our rental had been listed for only 3 weeks [when we got it rented] and ALL of the people responding had seen it on the website! Wow! I will use this website every time we need a renter!!!! Thank you sooooooo much!

Linda Deane - December 12, 2005

I got quite a few responses due to advertising [my property] with you.

Susan Price Patterson - December 2, 2005

Thanks for your service. I think your web site works really well.

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Thanks so much! Your prompt service is amazing! Quite impressive.

Marylea Dornseif - October 18, 2005

Your website is great.

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Just wanted to say thanks, I have rented the house.

BJ Stoner - October 9, 2005

Great website, clean, and easy to use ... thanks!

Nick Sulkowski - October 4, 2005

I have had immediate and successful response to my ad. I have rented that home. Your service was very productive and appreciated.

Linda Stevens - October 4, 2005

WOW! Mike, the turnaround time on that request took about 5 minutes. I never cease to be amazed at the level of help, competence, and confidence, I find in your web site. I now use you only, and am amazed and appreciative for your excellent service. I feel like we are 'partners' in property management services. Thank you.

Tyann Youle - September 21, 2005

Mike [from] was very helpful in getting me started. I was having trouble and he was great. I am a new user of the internet. I really like him understanding and walking me through everything. Thanks Again.

Betsy Reinhardt - September 15, 2005

I wanted to let you know my vacancies have been filled for the 2 listings we had ... let me say Im thankful for your feedback & support. I have been getting 1 to 2 emails a day & phone calls as well ... your service came through & I have come across a qualified tenant that exceeds our expectations. I even had 2 back-up people in line that I have had to pass off to other property managers. Thanks again for all the help.

Dana Griffin - September 8, 2005

Thanks again for great service and success. The condo was rented within 1 week of listing.

Jean White - August 22, 2005

We had 4 of our rentals come up for rent in June/July of this year & rented 3 or them through your site - the 4th one would have been through your site as well, but a client of ours rented it first. We don't even think about using the Coloradoan anymore!

Jennifer Carpenter - August 20, 2005

You guys are very helpful and the site is user friendly! I think it's the best bang for the buck that I have found. Thanks again for your help.

Ben James - August 20, 2005

I am batting 1000! Everytime I have referred to a customer they have had immediate success! I will continue to keep the streak alive!

Sharianne Daily - August 17, 2005

I was successful in renting my rental unit with your help. I got a good number of calls and will use you again when the time comes. Thanks.

John Pfeiffenberger - August 15, 2005

It is a great service -- thank you.

Carol Spurrier - August 13, 2005

Thank you for another successful ... listing on your site! I really like how well designed your site is and how simple it is to use. Thank you.

Craig Spooner - August 12, 2005

I just wanted to let you know how easy your site is to navigate. I just relisted one of my rentals, and it was very easy to do. Thanks for providing a great service to landlords!

Lucille Steiner - August 2, 2005

Thank you for making the process so user friendly. It is greatly appreciated!

Keri Rizley - July 29, 2005

Eric and I [here at Antares Property Services] have been inundated with phone calls. It's been great! I knew we would love your website. Thanks so much for your help with everything!

Kati McDowell - July 21, 2005

I am VERY PLEASED with your website. The potential renters from your website are more suitable and more qualified than the potential renters from signs or newspapers. We've rented two of our properties each in a one-week ad through your website.

M.B. - July 18, 2005

Your site is used by many possible renters and I always get calls from them. I always get a renter for atleast one of my properties thru your website. Your site helps me a great deal and is a very effective tool.

Steve Wilson - July 10, 2005

I've successfully rented both my properties thru I had many calls from your site. In the future I will highly recommend your website to my other "Landlord" friends.

Steve Stansfield - July 8, 2005

We are pleased with the number of leads your service has provided. It is great to get all of the information out there at once instead of having to give the same information over the phone again and again. Thanks again.

Mike Greeley - June 28, 2005

Quick & Easy! Your people put a photo on for us and it worked wonderful and was a great asset.

L.W. - June 23, 2005

Thank you. We have rented the property and had about 6 interested parties. We will be back in a few months.

J.T. - June 20, 2005

Thanks for being so easy!

Douglas King - June 10, 2005

Great website, very friendly, and good performance even on my 48Kbps (dial-up line).

Kevin Cassidy - June 8, 2005

This is a great and affordable way to list rental properties.

Cynthia DePuy - May 17, 2005

Property is rented. Thanks for a great website!

Don Moen - May 16, 2005

I have an application and partial deposit check in hand for my rental property. Looks like it should be all set in a couple of days. The person who is renting specifically said he saw the property on this web site. Very exciting!

Laura Arbury - May 11, 2005

I have been very pleased and surprised at the responses I have received with this web site. Thank you!!

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Wonderful, easy to use, great response, I will use it for all my rentals from now on!!

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Your site is excellent. I had all kinds of responses.

Pat and Lloyd Parker - May 4, 2005

Excellent web site. Well thought out, easy to use, attractive.

Cheryl Steinberg - April 26, 2005

Thank you so much for your prompt reply to my inquiry.

Barbara Brekke - April 20, 2005

I love your web site. When I don't have what people are looking for I give them your web site to further their search. I think you are providing a service to the entire community -- both for investors and those in search of housing. Thank you.

Wanda Roche - April 18, 2005

Thank you for your incredibly quick response.

Joe Schmid - April 18, 2005

Wow! That was fast and it looks great. Thanks for uploading my photo for me.

Karen Roth - April 18, 2005

Just wanted to say how easy and logical your web site is to use. I haven't used one that is so easy to navigate around. Whom ever designed it put a lot of thought into it and deserves an 'ataboy'!

Larry Moore - April 2, 2005

The first time I listed with you, I rented as a result of my ad with you. Keep up the good work!

Kristy Lahnert - April 1, 2005

I have rented the property from an inquiry from this listing. I would use this service again. Thanks.

Linda Moore - March 31, 2005

Awesome results! We signed a contract today with new qualified tenants. Lots of calls. Thanks.

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Thank you for your wonderful service. I have rented my property. Thank you again.

Amy H. - March 28, 2005

Thanks so much! We love your site. Its so easy to use! Keep up the good work!

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The property has been rented thanks to your service.

Rick Koentopp - March 16, 2005

Thanks for the great service.

Bruce Froseth - March 13, 2005

This property is ... rented. I will use [your website again] after the lease is up next year. Thank you for all your help you have given me.

Lisa Paschall - March 8, 2005

We are happy to report that we have rented our house. Our contact came from a person who had seen the ad on the website. THANKS!

Kathy and Will Reents - February 16, 2005

Thank you! You offer great service, especially to us techno-challenged folks.

Linda Teman - February 9, 2005

Thanks ... we just got the property rented ... I was very satisfied with the website listing and will use it again in the future if/when the need arises. Thanks again.

Jack Maxfield - February 7, 2005

I was very pleased with your web site. I have other rental properties and will use you again. Thanks.

Joyce Durol-Folbrecht - February 3, 2005

I wanted to let you know how happy I was with your site. I especially appreciated how easy it was to list a property and then make changes at any time. I will certainly use you again and will recommend you to others.

Allyson Schafer - January 30, 2005

Great tool!!!

Richard Fagerlin - January 20, 2005

I have been very happy with the site.

Allyson Schafer - December 23, 2004

Easy, reaches a good number of people, was extremely fast (rented in less than 1 month). Very satisfied.

John Laderer - December 17, 2004

I have had more response & showings from this listing than any other advertising or other on-line listing. The web site is very easy to use and I like the feature that tells me how many people have looked at it.

David Lobree - December 14, 2004

Thank you for your assistance. I did rent one of the units through your service. So, I will definitely use you again. Your service does work.

B.J. Stoner - December 13, 2004

Your turn around time and customer service is GREAT! Thanks again for your help.

Katie Lauren - December 9, 2004

I really appreciate your web site and have received more response from it than the newspaper. Thank you again.

Judy Perushek - December 3, 2004

We do appreciate your service - it seems to be working well. Thanks.

Jane Neth Thompson - December 2, 2004

Your site is very user friendly. I will use it [again] in the future and let others know about it as well. Thanks again!

Shelley Chaput - December 2, 2004

Your site and your service are very nice! I already got one response, and we successfully rented another unit last summer using your service. Thanks!

Craig Spooner - December 1, 2004

Thanks very much for the work you did with our pictures on the ad. I can't believe how fast you were able to get that done!! The pictures look great, and the ad is working well. We have already rented one of our properties as a result of a call from the ad!!

Patricia Siefken - November 9, 2004

We had been advertising in the local paper for 6 weeks, with virtually zero results, and for a LOT more $$$. I did rent the property as a result of advertising with you. I will use your service again. Your service works and is cost effective. I think it's great. Thanks!

Kristy Lahnert - November 6, 2004

I have been very impressed with your web site and have used it successfully to rent a house and a duplex.

Marty Wilson - October 30, 2004

I will continue to use your website because it's great exposure at a great value. I know another landlord that has used your website exclusively for over a year and is very happy with the results.

Kristy Klenk - October 25, 2004

I appreciate your service very much.

Doug Klein - October 25, 2004

Thanks. I am about ready to rent to a man that saw my advertising on I am so pleased. And your suggestions must have helped.

Rebeccah Engelhardt - October 19, 2004

We have rented our condo. We want to thank you for the opportunity to use your services. We will use them again when the new lease expires next July.

Mark Frasier - October 15, 2004

So far, everything is good. Thanks for providing this service!!!!

Kristy Lahnert - October 6, 2004

Thanks so much for the quick service.

Greg Bruny - October 2, 2004

I really appreciate you having this website available, I rented my unit within 2 days of posting it online. I found a perfect renter and I would highly recommend you all to friends. Thanks for helping the Fort Collins community.

Curt and Debbie Claussen - September 24, 2004

A great resource; just wish I would have tried it sooner. Was impressed by all the favorable user feedback.

Greg Bruny - September 21, 2004

Thank you so much. The technical support I receive from is a lifesaver. You are so quick and efficient to get back to me, you don't know how much I appreciate you!!!!!

Ty Youle - September 10, 2004

I would consider my involvement with your rental website a success. I will not be using the newspapers anymore. I will use your service the next time I have a rental to advertise. Thanks again.

Dave Martinez - September 10, 2004

Thanks for the great service your company is offering to the community. This site is a great central location for rental advertisements.

Luiz Teixeira - September 9, 2004

A tenant just found us through your online service. This has been a great first experience with your service, and we will definitely use you again, perhaps instead of using any other resource. We received the best response from inquiries through your website. Thank you so much for your excellent help.

Gary Stricklin - September 4, 2004

I think you are offering an excellent service, more affordable and effective options than the local newspaper.

Carolyn Bartlett - September 1, 2004

I appreciated the use of your rental/tenant finder web site. Through your service I found a tenant with whom I am very happy.

Anita Jackson - August 24, 2004

I found a roommate!!! Thanks so much for all of your help. Took a week and 2 days, thats it!!!! I have told others about the site. It really gets results. Thanks again.

Jennifer Hageman - August 23, 2004

Thanks for all your help! Thank you for being so great to work with!

Sally Lee - August 21, 2004

Thanks for all of your help with this. It's our first attempt at on-line advertising and you've made it very easy. We appreciate your extra effort and will definitely be recommending your site.

Cindy G. - August 17, 2004

I just wanted to let you know that I think this web-site is great.

Chrissy Caesar - August 16, 2004

Your service and website are fantastic -- easy to use for landlords and potential tenants. Great value and good results!

Barbara Sommermeyer - August 13, 2004

Our property rented. We had a great response to our ad. We will use you in the future and tell our friends. You sure beat the "heck" out of the paper.

Fred Fuller - August 10, 2004 is easy to use for both property owners and prospective tenants. A listing can be added in 10 minutes, costs much less than the local newspaper and seems to have equal response. comes up first in repeated internet searches looking for available rentals in Fort Collins.

Bruce Becker - August 8, 2004

I like how easy it is to set up a listing and to maintain it. Good job.

Aaron Malin - August 8, 2004

We rented our property and it was because of your web site. We were very happy with the service and it is very user friendly. We will use your site again next time we have a vacancy in Fort Collins. Thanks again.

Jack Salisbury - August 6, 2004

This is a great service you have provided!!! I listed my property and in only two days had a renter.

Cindy Rue - August 6, 2004

I'm very impressed with your website, very nicely done and easy to get around.

Gary Pimple - August 3, 2004

Great site! Nice look and feel.

Bill Rupy - July 30, 2004

I really like your service.

Mike Young - July 29, 2004

We love your website and have gotten all (but one) of our calls from your website. The one we got from the local newspaper was a no show.

Eileen Cordsen - July 28, 2004

I got fewer calls from the local newspaper ads than from the website ad and I paid significantly more for them. In the end, I rented my unit due to your website. Thank you for providing this service. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Ben James - July 25, 2004

Great. Thank you very much. Your service is great and easy to use!!!

Jennifer Dobson - July 23, 2004

The property was rented this week, thanks to the web site. Thanks.

Charlotte Jorgensen - July 21, 2004

Amazing! I rented my apartment to a new school teacher who lives in Virginia. Never would have happened with a newspaper ad! I love not having to deal with the local newspaper and I got to add a picture. I sent my renter more digital pictures and she rented it sight unseen. I'm impressed. I actually rented it in less than 2 weeks--12 days to be exact.

Peggy Grice - July 19, 2004

We received several calls from your website and did one showing. We will certainly use your product again.

Ted Turner - July 15, 2004

[As a renter] I was very pleased to find your website and [pleasantly] surprised at the quality of rentals. I had been looking for several days (mostly very bad units) but found a great place at a very affordable price on your site in one day.

Dustin Ewing - July 13, 2004

I sure appreciate your service and its capabilities. It is refreshing to have innovative rental programs. Thanks for your wonderful service.

Tara Tooley - July 8, 2004

This is the first time I tried & I'm very happy with the results!

Will Horton - July 7, 2004

I saved hundreds of dollars not advertising in the local newspaper. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!! I truly appreciate it!! I'm telling everyone about the great site that gets results.

Myron Lloyd - July 2, 2004

I really like the way you save my old listings. I just had to change the address and was ready to go with this new listing. Your web page is really easy to use from the landlord perspective.

Roger Parmenter - July 1, 2004

I have never gotten faster service when asking for help. responds to a client so quickly, I never have to worry and fret and try to reach them, they respond to me immediately and solve my problems so I can go on with my work and be worry free!!!

Ty Youle - June 22, 2004

We have rented the property we listed. This was a valuable endeavor!

Stephen Weintraub - June 20, 2004

I appreciate your assistance! The website is wonderful!

Ann Hess - June 18, 2004

Thanks much. Your web site did a great job on the Sundisk property.

Vic Van Wyhe - June 14, 2004

Thank you [for reducing the size of my photo and adding it to my listing]! You are very efficient. It looks great.

Polly Cisneros - June 13, 2004

Awesome web site!

Rob Deakin - June 9, 2004

I just wanted to say how happy I am with your service. We rented our condo last month and the tenant found us on your web site. In fact, the best prospects we encountered were those that came through your site. We'll be back again next year once the current lease expires. Keep up the good work!

Dan Tancik - June 9, 2004

I love your service, I get tons of hits daily from my listings, and think you are providing an invaluable service to the entire United States. I tell all my clients that they have to advertise in your site first, newspaper second!!!! Also, you are so quick to help me as a landlord using your service.

Ty Youle - May 29, 2004

Leased the latest property in 2 days!!! Great job and service for the community! I am very pleased with the service and results.

Rick Koentopp - May 26, 2004

Your service is wonderful -- during the time I had a listing with you I also ran an ad in the local newspaper. Your internet web site out produced the newspaper by a 4 to 1 ratio. Plus the clients that were accessing your web site were much better as far as reliability and also being qualified and just overall much better prospects. I am very pleased with your service and your rates are reasonable (unlike the newspaper).

Matt Di Guglielmo, 1st American Properties - May 25, 2004

I appreciate your customer service throughout the listing period.

Geoff Tolmachoff - May 17, 2004

My property has been rented -- thanks to NorthernColoradoRentals!

Michael Ehler - May 17, 2004

Great site.

Tom Hassell - May 6, 2004

We get a much more qualified type of applicant from this site and much better exposure at much more reasonable price.

Elizabeth Meyer - May 2, 2004

Thank you so much -- we have rented our home to a great couple who found us through your website. All in all, we are impressed with the quality of people who responded to our ad and the personal attention we received from your service.

Carol Hayden - May 1, 2004

I had great responses to my ad on your website. It is now rented. Thank you.

Kitty Marshall - April 22, 2004

We thank you for your great customer service. We'll continue using your service!

Mark Lenga - April 21, 2004

Your website works so well, I had the first call 30 minutes after it was listed on the site - I am still receiving calls.

Barbara Schaeffer - April 19, 2004

Thank you, the property was rented in 10 days!! Great service!! Will use again next time!!

Matt Pedersen - April 17, 2004

I rented my property through your site! It worked great! Thanks.

Marguerite Parliment - April 17, 2004

We love your service! Since January, we have listed four properties with We are amazed by how many phone calls and emails we receive for each property. We'll never list our rentals in the local newspaper again. is cheaper and more effective.

Nick and Gina Holley - April 15, 2004

Success!! It has been rented. Thanks. My last 4 vacancies were filled with your service, not the local newspaper.

Myron Lloyd - April 10, 2004

Love your site.

Robert McKee - April 8, 2004

THANKS [for uploading my photo for me so quickly]! WOW YOU'RE FAST!

Paul Chet - April 6, 2004

Thank you for a great website and continued success to you.

Jean White - April 5, 2004

Wow a real response. I think this is the first time I have ever gotten a response to a survey input. It says a lot about your organization. Thank you.

Gil Vondrasek - March 15, 2004

Thank you for your unbelievable speed in getting back to me.

Mike Malvey - March 13, 2004

I just rented my property, thanks to your service. Believe me, when I need to advertise to rent the property again, I will be using Northern Colorado Rentals.

Cheryl Garlock - March 12, 2004

Very easy site to use.

Shelly Goldrich - March 9, 2004

I think your site is great. We have already had several hits on the site and many calls and showings! We are thrilled!!

Sharon Howard - March 8, 2004

I have had more inquiries with your ads than the newspaper - I think your concept in advertising is fantastic. Thank you for being here for we property managers.

Mary C. Coon, Castle & Associates - February 24, 2004

In the past week we have rented 2 town homes to quality tenants. We advertised our property ONLY on your WEBSITE (e.g. we did not use the newspaper classified ads)! When we asked the renters if they used the newspaper websites during their search process, they both said the newspaper sites were too complicated and that the website was so easy and answered all their questions ahead of time.

Mark Goldrich & Prue Kaley - February 24, 2004

The photo you enhanced and uploaded for us looks great. The service was very prompt. It was done the same morning we sent it.Thank you for a good job. It loads fast with our dialup and looks good enlarged.

Dennis and Kristi Bashor - February 20, 2004

Wow! What a great website!

Joy Lighthart - February 18, 2004

Thank you again for your excellent customer service... it is a rare thing to encounter these days!

Denise Selders - February 5, 2004

Thanks again! What a great service you provide!

Kenneth Tharp - January 27, 2004

Your service is really great.

Roger Parmenter - January 22, 2004

Thanks and what a great site you have!!

Samantha Pielstick - January 19, 2004

I just rented my property to an individual who found my listing on your Web site. He went to the Web site, put in his family's preferences and my property was the only one that got a hit. Thanks to the map, he was able to drive by the property prior to calling me. This was a great help because at this point I was talking to someone that was really interested. I showed the property to him the next day and he signed a lease. Also, since he knew where he was going, I did not have the usual...'sorry I'm late...I got lost'. After this experience, the Web site will be my method of choice when needing to list the property.

Debbie Hof - January 14, 2004

I appreciate your excellent customer service.

Jeannine Thomas - January 6, 2004

Thanks for developing this website. I like the system and think it will grow in the future.

Joseph Tomlinson - January 5, 2004

I really just wanted to thank you for your response and personal attention. I sincerely appreciate having an option to the outrageously expensive local newspaper real estate section. I really would like to see it succeed.

Brett Reese - January 5, 2004

After spending $300+ in ads with the local newspaper on this house since July of 2003 I was able to rent this home to very good tenants in less than 3 weeks and for 1/2 the price of 1 week of advertising in the local newspaper. I am most pleased with your service and the people that rented the home do not own a computer. They had friends that looked on the computer for them.

Robert Prussman - December 22, 2003

Thanks and keep up the good work -- great community resource you're providing for landlords & renters alike.

Betsy Osgood - December 11, 2003

I think this website was one of the easiest I have ever used. This is a great idea at a reasonable price. The newspaper ads are way too expensive.

Larry Lessman - December 8, 2003

I have had 4 solid inquires in my first 5 days on your website and have a good out of state application in hand. Your product is an absolute necessity to this community and will provide increasing returns, as it becomes the source to the rental market for both tenant and landlord. In past years, yard signs and a few, very expensive, ads with the local paper got landlords qualified tenants. The last several years the cost of advertising in the local paper is a drain on the landlord and produced very little qualified tenants.

Robert Prussman - December 8, 2003

Thanks for the speedy reply! I do have bike trail, golf course, and lake with my property so appreciate you adding those. Thanks again and good luck with the site. As a rental property owner, I'm excited about having more control over advertising and not being limited to the newspaper classified ads which tend to be a bit more expensive.

Debbie Hof - December 4, 2003

I just wanted to let you know that your service definitely helped me rent my house. I got better quality applicants and actually rented the house site unseen with the online pictures and the ability to fax credit reports, etc. Thanks.

Tom Kula - December 2, 2003

Thank you so much for getting my picture up, you guys must have stopped by yourselves and taken it!! That was really awesome, so thanks again! Above and beyond the call of duty!

Christa Frame - December 2, 2003

What a great service! We had tried print advertising with no results. It was a very quick, easy and affordable way to advertise and search for rentals. We had success after a very short period of time on the web site. Thank you for such a 'user friendly' service!

Bob Ewing - November 25, 2003

Absolutely love this site. We need to rent ... and have been searching other websites ... and by far this had the best selection to choose from on 1 single site. Thanks for consolidating Northern Colorado's rental properties! Keep up the good work and I'm sure you'll be around along time and become the Premier site to locate property in Northern Colorado!

Kelly Davis - November 19, 2003

Thanks so much for your very quick response and resolving my issues. Your attention to this is great customer service and I will use the web site in the future, and tell my colleagues and friends about it.

Judy Muenchow - November 11, 2003

Let me now say, congratulations. I had no idea. Three weeks and that type of response ... incredible. You should be very proud of what you have created.

Susan Albern - November 10, 2003

It is really nice that there is a service like you have, at an affordable rate. I do intend to use your service in the future.

Greg Scamehorn - November 7, 2003

I'm excited about this service and am encouraging my clients to use it as well.

Shelley Kerr - November 5, 2003

I talked to a client of mine this morning. He is Mr. Non-computer user. He does not even have email. He said he entered his rental Sunday at 2pm and at 3:30pm he got a call from a lady in Denver. He asked her how she found out about his rental and she said she found it on the internet at She said she wished everyone would put their rentals on the site. He said: at that moment I felt like I had entered the 21st century.

Ron Wayt - November 4, 2003

Thank you for writing back so quickly. We're pleased with the response to the site. Thanks for your help, prompt and courteous!

Betsy Osgood - November 4, 2003

I just wanted to let you know that I have had two hits in the past 24 hours with the new system. Both have resulted in showings and I think at least one lease! It's an awesome advertising avenue. Thanks for making it happen!

Colleen Pedersen - November 4, 2003

Thank you very much. I look forward to using your service for all of our rentals.

Sally Brent - October 28, 2003

I would just like to say great website. I will let a lot of people know about this, and how user friendly it is!!

Jenny Lewis - October 27, 2003

Ad looks great and it really is very easy to enter your rental information. Thanks again ... it is fabulous and a much needed site!

Ginny Meiers - October 23, 2003

I used the rental list and it is great! I am so excited about it. I hope this works out to be the next big thing in the way of the rental market.

Kristin Beasley - October 22, 2003

This service looks great.

Paul Burns - October 21, 2003

Very Fast and Very Easy - It's great that we have something like this as a resource! Thanks for putting this together!

Kurt Johnson - October 21, 2003